Alquerplus Amoxivet is an antimicrobian with wide action spectrum against Gra,m positive and Gram negative bacteria as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Corynebacterium, Clostridium , E. coli and Klebsiella.

Alquerplus Hidrasal . The lack of wáter, hot excesses and fever states cause loss of liquid and mineral and enegertic elements. Providing just wáter is not enough to restore hydric balance and it is necessary to provide those nutrients that allow the tissues to retain water.

Alquerplus Sulfasal And Alquerplus Sulfasal Plus are a triple combination of antibiotics belonging to the tetracyclines and sulphonamides for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It is intended in the treatment of: Poultry (colibacilosis and chronic respiratory disease), Swine (colibacilosis, diarrhoea, pneumonia, poliarthritis and atrophic rinitis), ruminats (pneumoenteritis and pasteurellosis).

Alquerplus Calostrum is an antibody therapy to be administered in as an oral suspension or mixed with the drinking water for piglets for the treatment of enteric infections.

OTHERS: Alquerplus Enzimas, Alquerplus Probiotico G Plus, Alquerplus Revital, Alqueprlus Biogenta, A. Mastiyet, A. Biomizin, A. Sindiar, A. Pretimpan, A. Biomizol, A. Cocci-4, A. Ruminatorio.