Alquermes Mexico participated in the XXV Central American and Caribbean Poultry

Alquermes Mexico participated with a stand at the XXV Central American and Caribbean Poultry Congress, which was held from August 21 to 23 in San Pedro Sula (Honduras). During the event, meetings were held with distributors from different countries, such as Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Panama and Costa Rica.

The person in charge of Alquermes Mexico, Gerardo Mayoral said, “The main products that the company manages are two based on doxycycline, Alquerplus Doxycycline 15%, and Aldox due to the great performance that has this antibiotic. In addition, the technology used in its manufacture breaks a line in the innovation further improving the performance of the antibiotic, better absorption and faster action.”

Also, Mayoral stressed that “the methodology of work that the laboratory has is based on extensive research before any type of product development, in order to innovate in the veterinary sector.”

The XXV Central American and Caribbean Poultry Congress has been “a showcase that Alquermes Mexico has made known, in the veterinary world we have much more to discover and learn. According to Mayoral, “extensive research is needed, such as the one that Alquermes is carrying out to discover new ways to improve animal welfare and animal production, since it is a very important area for society in both the health and economic aspects”.

Regarding the objectives at the fair, the person in charge of Alquermes Mexico stressed that the most important were: “initiate market actions in regions such as Central America where poultry production is constantly growing and placement of the laboratory and its work methodology.” In his opinion, “we are not just any laboratory, since we have the main objective of breaking paradigms in veterinary medicine and this was achieved.”

Alquermes México was established in Ciudad Obregón (Mexico), created by veterinarians specialized in the welfare of animals, with the main objective of using advanced pharmacological processes to achieve maximum efficiency in their products and achieve optimal animal health.


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