Collaboration agreement between Alquermes Mexico and La Salle Bajío University

On May 12, 2018, the collaboration agreement between Alquermes México and La Salle Bajío University was signed in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora. The main purpose of this agreement is to carry out research projects and trials related to the field of animal health and food safety.

In the signing ceremony participated from Alquermes Mexico, the manager ING. Gerardo Mayoral García, from the University the rector Martín Rocha Pedrajo and Vice Rector, José Amonarío Asiáin Díaz De León.

The objective of the agreement is to join forces with national and international entities with the purpose of conducting research projects, training, exchange in the areas of animal health, animal management, animal welfare, immunization and control of animal diseases, in order to contribute and improve the professional training of students and teachers and find useful solutions for the animal production sector.

The agreement provides a great opportunity between the University and Alquermes Mexico for the development of research related to animal production. Future projects include research trials with the products developed by Alquermes México. These programs will measure the effectiveness of each product and the main production parameters.

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