Presentation of Alquermes Mexico in Peru

On November 25th and 26th Alquermes Mexico has made a presentation of its products and company during the II International Poultry Course held at the Universidad Científica del Sur (USCUR) in Lima. Members of Adivet and distributor of Alquermes Mexico in Peru have also been present at the event.

Alquermes México was born in Ciudad Obregón (Mexico) by veterinarians specializing in animal welfare, with the main objective of using pharmacological processes to achieve the highest efficiency in their products and achieve optimal animal health.

There was presented Alquerplus Doxycycline 15% as an antibiotic of broad spectrum of action recommended for the treatment of infections, mainly for poultry.

There has also been explanation of Aldox, a second generation broad spectrum antibiotic, active against susceptible microorganisms, such as: chronic respiratory diseases, bronchopneumonia or pneumonia, among others.

These products will be distributed in Peru by Adivet, a company dedicated to the distribution of high quality additives that is located in Lima.

The presentation of Alquermes Mexico was made within the framework of the II International Course of poultry farming, this time dealt with pharmacology. This course is organized by the UCSUR and aims to provide improve knowledge on issues related to poultry farming.

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